CREATE Motivation® Resources

CREATE Motivation® will help you to harness your motivation, hone your skills and combine these to enable you to step into the type of leader you want to be - and the world needs. It's a model that puts motivation at the forefront of everything we do.

It offers a powerful yet simple-to-use model that will help you to:

  • Identify what has led to your successes (and failures) to date
  • Develop a compelling vision of your future as a leader
  • Tap into your intrinsic motivation so that you can achieve more with greater ease
  • Know how to inspire others to do the same

How many times do you read a book, love it and wish you could spend more time with the author so that you can learn more from them? Well Kate Turner has made it possible not only to learn more from her, but to apply it to your own personal leadership journey with the resources that accompany her new book 'CREATE Motivation: Unlock the leader within'. Kate personally walks you through some of the key exercises through videos and worksheets, so that no matter what type of support you like best, there will be something there for you. Thanks Kate!

Sonia Gavira, Founder and Director, ValueU

To support you, We’ve prepared a set of free resources as a guide to help you CREATE Motivation®. They are designed to give extra nuance to some of the ideas covered in the book and to make it even easier to do the exercises in the book. The resources include new tools and techniques for exploring your leadership and motivation such as:

  • Being able to see how you measure up against my definition of leadership
  • Understanding the extent to which you have a fixed or growth mindset
  • Getting to know how to distinguish between (and manage) your needs and wants.