There are significant challenges ahead of us.

Sheer grit and determination will not see us through.

It’s time to shift the paradigm around motivation in the workplace.

It’s time to CREATE Motivation®

Right now, most leaders speak of ‘surviving’ rather than ‘thriving’. They’re ‘digging deep’ and ‘pushing through’ rather than flourishing. And the same is true for their teams.

How innovative and creative are you when you’re tired? How much time do you have for others when you’re exhausted? And even if you can show up well at work, do you have energy left for your family and friends?

Do you want to:

  • Elevate the experience of your people at work?

  • Stop playing ‘whack a mole’ with people issues and start fixing the root cause?

  • Have a solution that builds on the work you have already done AND touches every part of the employee life cycle?

  • Have a different approach to well-being – one which is more measurable?

  • Unlock the people potential in your business?

There is a different way

Faced with enormous challenges at work, leaders would be forgiven for thinking they just need more grit and determination to see them through. This is not sustainable. Even the most passionate, purpose-led leader, will burn out if they aren't meeting all their needs and wants. This is true for them and their teams.

Yes, the world needs people to make a difference, but we want leaders dancing towards that vision, not crawling to it.

We've been working with purpose-led leaders for over twenty years to connect their team's talents to their motivations. We've helped them build an environment where they and their teams thrive. We've seen how this enables collaboration towards a common cause and delivers on both purpose and profits. And most importantly, it elevates the human experience of work.

Let us help you put motivation at the heart of what you do

How do you CREATE Motivation?

The CREATE Motivation® model is one that works at every level of an organisation.

We have a wealth of free resources available for individuals and we also offer one-to-one coaching.

For teams, we run workshops to help diagnose what is driving performance and to identify team de-railers. We hold the space for deeper discussions about performance, self and team awareness, stress, resilience, well-being, conflict, trust and more - all because we look not just at behaviour, but what is driving that behaviour.

For organisations, we work with you to integrate motivation throughout the employment life cycle. We have enterprise solutions which enables each employee to take control of their own motivation.

The challenge

The challenge

We can help you:

  • Measure and maximise motivation across your organisation

  • Integrate motivation to positively impact on every stage of the employee life cycle

  • Equip managers and leaders with the skills to have motivation-led discussions

  • Use a simple yet effective model to discover what is enabling and derailing success across your organisation

  • Change how employees experience their work, so they are inspired to give their best each day

Results you can expect when you CREATE Motivation

  • Increased Performance

    Increased performance through improved well-being, resilience and feeling valued.

  • Improved communication

    Improved communication and reduced conflict due to a shared common language.

  • Increased synergy

    Increased synergy resulting from team members understanding and harnessing motivations that drive team success.

  • More meaningful and relatable communications

    More meaningful and relatable communications about change

  • Better performance management discussions

    Better performance management discussions due to a more holistic, human-centred approach

  • Behavioural change

    Behavioural change ‘sticks’ as people understand what is driving their actions.

  • Greater ownership of learning

    Greater ownership of learning as people know what success looks like to them and what drives this.

  • Increased levels of motivation

    Increased levels of motivation and engagement as people identify how to have their motivations met at work.