Do you know what drives your success?

And what derails it?

Has digging deep and pushing through become the norm?

Are you ready for a different approach?

Are you ready to CREATE Motivation®?

Right now, most leaders speak of ‘surviving’ rather than ‘thriving’. They’re ‘digging deep’ and ‘pushing through’ rather than flourishing. And the same is true for their teams.

How innovative and creative are you when you’re tired? How much time do you have for others when you’re exhausted? And even if you can show up well at work, do you have energy left for your family and friends?

Do you find yourself:

  • Pink-Cross

    In back-to-back meetings with no breaks and no time to do the work?

  • Pink-Cross

    Working long hours with no sense of work-life balance?

  • Pink-Cross

    Getting frustrated that you aren’t the leader you wanted to be?

  • Pink-Cross

    Constantly juggling tasks rather than developing yourself and the team?

  • Pink-Cross

    Getting less and less enjoyment from work?

  • Pink-Cross

    Feeling out of touch with what really matters to you?


Imagine…having a sense of alignment, confidence and certainty that enables you to bring your ‘best self’ to work

Imagine…being so lost in your work, being in such a glorious state of flow, that when you emerge you have achieved great things AND feel energised

Let us show you how.

It’s time to tap into the energy that enables every single one of us to experience success – success on our terms.

It’s time to CREATE Motivation®

As a people leader, would you like to:

  • Increase your own levels motivation and those in your team?

  • Find new ways of leading – ones which tap into your motivation rather than deplete it?

  • Develop your team in a way which builds trust, increases a sense of responsibility, and reduces unhealthy conflict?

  • Have motivation-led discussions with people so they can fall back in love with their roles?

As a coach, would you like to:

  • Expertly integrate motivation into your coaching practice?

  • Have new ways to apply existing tools such as Motivational Maps® and Insights Discovery®

  • Have new, better or different ways to enhance the performance and success of your teams or clients?

  • Use a simple model to discover what is enabling and derailing success in the people you work with?

‘If you follow the CREATE model and do the work, you will not only understand your own motivation for change, you’ll understand what you need to do about it, how you go about it, and why you need to bother doing it at all. An approach which captivates you at a deep level, and will move you on from being stuck to a wonderful state of flow.”

Ali Stewart, Director, Ali Stewart & Co Ltd, author, speaker

Results you can expect when you CREATE Motivation

  • Increased Performance

    Increased performance through improved well-being, resilience and feeling valued.

  • Improved communication

    Improved communication and reduced conflict due to a shared common language.

  • Increased synergy

    Increased synergy resulting from team members understanding and harnessing motivations that drive team success.

  • More meaningful and relatable communications

    More meaningful and relatable communications about change

  • Better performance management discussions

    Better performance management discussions due to a more holistic, human-centred approach

  • Behavioural change

    Behavioural change ‘sticks’ as people understand what is driving their actions.

  • Greater ownership of learning

    Greater ownership of learning as people know what success looks like to them and what drives this.

  • Increased levels of motivation

    Increased levels of motivation and engagement as people identify how to have their motivations met at work.